Acorn Magic Tarot Spread

Acorn is a strong symbol that teaches us about our own potential. One acorn has the potential to grow a whole forest of mighty, strong oak trees. The oak tree has roots as deep and wide as the tree branches. Using these two elements of potential and firm foundations, we grow to reach our achievements. What opportunities could be there for you if you took the chance to grow?

acorn magic tarot spread

This is an example of the collective reading pulled for this spread. (September 2020)

Hidden Potential

Emerging and celery dragon, renewal. This is a time to begin the emergence out of our cocoon. Yes, world events have kept us enclosed to a certain extent, but step out of your box. It doesn’t have to be in a physical way. It could be creative, it could be in asserting yourself.

Deep Roots

Truth and radish dragon, growth. As you step out of that box, it is time to OWN YOUR TRUTH. That comes through very strongly. Through being your true self you begin to grow in unimaginable ways. This isn’t wand-waving magic energy work type stuff. It is living life with your best intentions.

Achievement / Opportunity

Risk and cranberry dragon, prosperity. As you took the risk to let the potential emerge and set the foundation of truth. Then prosperity will arrive. Abundant harvests of emotional joy and peace.
Do the work and reap the results.
The cards used for this spread are Soul Trees Oracle Cards by Allyson Williams-Yee (@soultrees) and the Field Guide to Garden Dragons by Stanley Morrison and Arwen Lynch.
Personal readings for this spread have now been moved to the Spread Deck website.