Halloween Tarot Spread

halloween tarot spread
Halloween is the time when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest. The veil aspect of this spread will highlight whatever limits or obstacles are currently in your way. Showing what those are will assist in their removal so that you can see beyond the veil.
halloween oracle spread
This is the collective pull for this spread. (September 2020) Take what resonates.

💀Current View on Life
The Underworld. Where all things pause and begin again. The past few months have been a dark time. As most people have been isolated it brings up their fears about being alone and stops the ‘business’ that most people fill their lives with. Take those lessons now as ‘normal life’ starts moving again.

💀The Veil
Spider. Community and web-weaving. Skull of stars. Infinite possibilities. Each of us has access to infinite possibilities… it is just there, beyond your self-limiting beliefs. We are capable of many things, but getting together multiplies this. Working as a team and bouncing ideas around. (Can you multiply infinity?… probably not)

💀Message from Beyond
Skull of Light. Illumination. It is time to light up. Working together to open new doors and new avenues of understanding. Illuminate then light the way for others. It is your time.
Personal readings for this spread have now been moved to the Spread Deck website.
Card deck used: Halloween Oracle by Stacey deMarco