Merkaba Ascension Tarot Spread

merkaba ascension tarot spread

The merkaba is known as the vehicle for ascension, a tool that can assist us in jumping dimensions. Bringing the elements together in this spread, the key is given that it is all about balance. Balancing the opposing elements, such as yin and yang. Once we find equilibrium in opposing forces then the merkaba can activate and begin spinning.


merkaba tarot spread starborn oracle

An example of this merkaba ascension spread pulled for the collective. See if it resonates, or draw cards for yourself, let me know if it sets your merkaba spinning.

As above.
Dreamland, taking note of your dream guidance as it is directed by source.
So below. Starborn, bringing the cosmic energy to earth. Grounding down the influences that you feel from the planetary shifts and your star origins.
Yin. Cleansing, creating sacred space for your feminine aspects. We should all have that space that is only under our influence.
Yang. Journey within, gaining a logical understanding of how things are. Processing emotions through journaling.
Light. Guardians, spirit guides light your path.

Love. Awaken to your true path, there is no greater act of self-love than following what truly is yours.
Ascension. Revelation. Become ‘at-one’ with the universe. You are becoming a beacon of light as the light and love of the cosmos flows through you.

The cards used in this spread example are the Starborn Oracle cards by Starborn Mystic (@starborn.mystic)

Personal readings for this spread have now been moved to the Spread Deck website.