Past Life Cleansing Reading

The past lives oracle assists us in giving a glimpse into our past. Past lives may be a large source of unwanted trauma and unresolved issues. These affect our present lives in ways which are hard to understand. Mostly as we have no remembrance of these times.
This spread is put together for this reading to allow the life to be accessed and cleansed. The top card is the relevant energy of what is challenging or blocked in this present lifetime.
The cards underneath relate to the past life, as keys, or clues to any relevant occurrences from the past. The reading will tie this all together. Please read this example to gain some perspective on how this works.

past lives oracle deck

Present Life Issue

Building Blocks. We can see that the matrix of old conditioning is dissolving. The blocks we once stood upon as our firm foundation are rapidly crumbling away. So we are responsible for creating our future. For building fresh new blocks that are based on grace, peace and harmony. The new way of being.

Past Life Relevance

The abuser in an abusive relationship. Exorcist, banishing spirits. Inheritance / wealth.

Time and location that is presented in this is France in the mid-1700s. You were in a position of power. Either royalty or high up in a religious movement. The sense of power had your ego swelling until that feeling was all you knew and craved. Abuse of the powerful position began. Creating trauma to others and perhaps even taking lives. This abuse of power was eventually uncovered and you were banished. This act led you to lose all your wealth and you vowed to seek revenge on those that took it from you.

The stance of the lady in the building blocks and wealth card is so similar, this points to the connection between this past life and the present challenges you face.

There has been a consistent difficulty in gaining wealth in this lifetime. If you are ready to process this, it is time to look back on the past life and stop seeking revenge. Take a compassionate and understanding view of why they banished you. If you find you are drawn to open your heart and forgive them from what you saw as their wrongdoing.

Feel the link between then and now. Allow the chain of that pattern keeping you tied down to break.
Be free and unhindered as you move forward in this lifetime.
Believe in yourself again.

*This reading is provided for entertainment purposes only. Information will not be provided on specific names of people or places. In investigating your past lives please use common sense. Their meanings are here to assist in this time and not to get obsessive over.

Personal readings for this spread have now been moved to the Spread Deck website.

Card decks used in this reading:
Past Lives Oracle by Mandy Peterson (Mystic Mandy). 
Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid.