Ascending Energy Blast

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As spiritual beings, we find ourselves stuck in energetic patterns. Often we can remove the grip of these on our own. This would always be ideal but not always possible.

Offering empowering sessions alongside my high-vibe spirit guides. A combination of techniques will be used that are universe-led.

Meditation / Oracle card pulls / Awareness / Energy work / Aura cleansing / Chakra re-awakening / Cutting Cords / Setting Boundaries / Self-Empowerment / Journaling techniques / Inner self and inner child work / Ancestral trauma

The options are endless. These sessions are for your own personal growth and development.

Sessions are 45 minutes and done remotely. Can be Skype, FB messenger, Zoom.

Once payment is complete, we will co-ordinate a mutual time. Most times will be EST zone, but I can accommodate others as necessary.