Bulk / Wholesale 6 x Little Messages Pocket Oracle Cards. Second Edition

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This is a bulk discount or wholesale listing for 6 copies of the Little Messages deck. All decks are new and individually shrink wrapped.

Little Messages is a pocket oracle deck born out of a love for travel. The deck is an inspiring force, guiding you through life. These portable, travel-friendly cards are ideal for those who are new to oracle cards.

Great as a standalone tool for empowering you with daily advice. For those more experienced in the mysteries of oracle and tarot, it makes a great complement to your favorite tarot deck. Use this card deck as an insight for meditation or a journaling prompt to set your energy for the day. Whether reading for yourself or others. It provides a profound way to access those little messages we so often ignore throughout our day. They can truly support your self-realization journey.

Specifications: 42 cards sized 1.75" x 3.5". Matte smooth finish for easy shuffling, plus 1 info card and 1 'Pass it On' card. The image on the back of the cards is the same as the front, so it is unique for each card. Packaged in a custom tuck box.

An electronic guidebook detailing use of the cards is also available as a free download on this store.

Second edition with some changes from the first. There is now a custom designed tuck box for this deck. Now including a Gratitude / Pass it on card.

The pass it on card can be given to a friend, or handed out when you are encouraging someone to pay forward a good deed.

The second edition of Little Messages as well as extra pass it on cards will be available in the Etsy store.


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