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Messages from the Moon and Messages from the Earth in one bundle. Messages from the Moon - Over the course of two moon cycles, the moon passed on messages it wanted me to share. So this deck was created so that when you feel the influence of the moon, you can be assisted in understanding the meaning of the message for you. Messages from the Earth - The Earth is in great need of healing and is guiding us to heal ourselves alongside her. As an Earth Empath, for many years I have sensed changes in frequency within the Earth and the environment. Often they have been difficult to understand and pinpoint where this sometimes physical pain is originating. This deck was devised to assist in understanding these messages the Earth is passing along to us. Listen carefully.Great as a standalone tool for empowering you with daily advice. For those more experienced in the mysteries of oracle and tarot, it makes a great complement to your favorite tarot deck. Bring these cards to any full moon, new moon or earth healing ceremonies. Can also be used as an insight for meditation or a journaling prompt to set your energy for the day. Or pick a daily card for your altar. Specifications: 2 decks each consisting of 24 circular cards sized 3.5". Matte smooth finish for easy shuffling. The back of the cards has the image of a moon or an Earth.