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The Spread Deck international version. This version is a deck that is an assorted  combination of vol. 1 and vol. 2 of the original spread decks. If you already purchased volume 1, there will be some repetition of spreads. Please message for more info.

The Spread Deck. A tarot-sized card deck filled with tarot spreads to assist you in your tarot practice. The use of tarot spreads can assist in giving information about your spiritual growth and development that you have never considered. Using these spread cards will allow guidance on what type of information you need to know, the rest (the card pulls) is up to you. Your intuition is key in this whole process and these are tools to help you tune into that more and more.

Suggested use: before you pull your daily cards, shuffle the spread deck and see which spread is calling to you. Then use the layout and prompts to pull your tarot cards for the day. Works equally well with oracle cards or crystals.

Spread topics include: Moving Forward, Cord Cutting, Be the Light, North Star. There are 20 spread cards in total. Sized 2.75 x 4.75"
The card backs will be the spacey Metatron's Cube design.

$6 flat rate shipping.

This is the international listing for this product. The deck will come shrink wrapped. Also available direct from the printer on this link.

Volume 1 for US shipping is on this listing.

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