Field Guide to Garden Dragons | Oracle Card Deck | Arwen Lynch | Stanley Morrison

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The Field Guide to Garden Dragons Oracle deck by Arwen Lynch with artwork by Stanley Morrison - dragon lovers, how could you not want this cute, loving and inspirational deck?

"You never know where you’ll spot a Garden Dragon—it could be on your travels, on a nature walk, or even in your own backyard! This whimsical deck presents 46 adorable dragons, each with a mystical message to share. You’ll meet sweet fruit dragons as well as colorful vegetable varieties."

This 46-card deck and guidebook is new and sealed. Any photos of the guidebook and card spreads are taken with my own personal (and much loved) copy.

Avocado dragon... I mean... come on people...


Combine this deck with The Spread Deck, my own creation of a deck of spreads to allow you to get the most out of your oracle and tarot decks.