Halloween Oracle Card Reading

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This Halloween Oracle reading is carried out with the Halloween Oracle Cards and designed to bring awareness to how the veil is at its thinnest at this special time. The veil part is whatever limits or obstacles are currently in your way. Showing what those are will assist with their removal so that you can see beyond the veil.

The following outline is used for the reading:

1. Current View on Life
2 & 3. The Veil
4. Message from Beyond

This is a simple, yet powerful reading that will connect with what you perhaps cannot see with your regular vision.. Upon purchasing this reading, you will be sent a picture of the cards pulled for your reading through the email used for purchase as well as a typed explanation and interpretation.
If you would like it sent to a different email address please add this to your purchase notes or message me after purchasing.

Please allow around 2 days to receive your reading. They are turned around as quickly as possible.
* Disclaimer - You must be over 18 to purchase a reading. Readings are for entertainment purpose only and are not medical or psychological advice.