Lightworker Oracle | Alana Fairchild

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Lightworker Oracle by Alana Fairchild with artwork by Mario Duguay. This deck has light-filled pictures of such a high vibration. It is highly recommended for those on the spiritual-development path.

"This deck is for those who feel an inner calling to connect with the divine light and higher frequencies of consciousness to bring healing to the world. You can create a positive contribution to our planet, evolve spiritually, and develop your innate abilities to work with energy through different healing modalities, channeling, and communication with higher beings such as angels, ascended masters and other spiritual guides. You can help humanity shift from fear to love."

The Lightworker Oracle 44-card deck and guidebook is new and sealed. Any photos of the guidebook and card spreads are taken with my own personal copy.

Combine this deck with The Spread Deck, my own creation of a deck of spreads to allow you to get the most out of your oracle and tarot decks.