Manifestation Portals. Oracle Cards, Crystal Grid, Energy Work, Intentions.

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Manifestation Portals. A powerful tool to bring about your desired manifestations. Combining intentions, energy work, crystal grids and oracle cards to create your personalized manifestation portal.

This portal uses the sacred geometry of the flower of life, the source of all creation. Once you have delivered your requests** the manifestation portal spread is used from The Spread Deck Volume 2. To set your intentions and bring awareness to aspects of trust and surrender.

Once the portal is in place, work on the advice given and watch as the universe goes into action. You will receive an image of the portal, as well as a written interpretation of the cards used. No physical items will be sent to you.

**Your participation is necessary for this service. Before you purchase, send an email to:

starseedacademy1111 at gmail dot com

I will send instructions on how to deliver your requests. Once you do this work, you may purchase the service.

Note that manifestations must not cause harm to others. They should be for the highest good of all and if not, your request will be turned down.


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